Catherine MALABOU publie son texte sur Spinoza et le symbolique

Notre invité de l'an dernier, Mme. Catherine MALABOU, vient de faire paraître son texte sur Spinoza et le symbolique ! Son interprétation, tout à fait originelle, est désormais à redécouvrir, cette fois-ci en anglais:

A new essay from Catherine Malabou!

"Before and Above: Spinoza and Symbolic Necessity"

In Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza, Gilles Deleuze contrasts philosophy and revelation. Expressionism is the privileged modality of immanence and intelligibility, and is thus opposed to a “knowledge by signs” that characterizes the domain of revelation and is supposedly meant to foster faith in ignorant people. The ontological dimension of revelation — that is its necessity — is then dismissed by Deleuze’s reading. Emmanuel Lévinas, following an apparently inverted logic, reproaches Spinoza for having subjected revelation to an overly rigid ontological necessity, thus missing its “signifying” value. Do we then find too many or too few signs in Spinoza ? By focusing on Spinoza’s method of interpretation as developed in the Theological-Political Treatise, I attempt here at challenging these approaches and at showing how the issue of the symbolic inscribes itself in Spinoza’s project. I define the symbolic as this dynamic of overinterpretation (superstition?) without which philosophical understanding would be impossible. . . .

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